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Young COWE was launched on 27th September, 2012 on the occasion of the 7th COWE Annual General Body Meeting. Young COWE is an integral part of COWE addressing the needs of younger women. Our aim is to provide a platform for young women to meet, get inspired, and develop skills and confidence to become socially responsible entrepreneurs.

The Objectives of Young COWE are:

  • Develop skills that promote entrepreneurship among young women through EDPs, Workshops, Site Visits, Internships, etc.
  • Conduct awareness programs to increase the exposure to current business and market scenarios.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities among driven, like-minded women who can collaborate and start an organization whether it is for-profit or non-profit.
  • Promote volunteering spirit and contribute for the betterment of the society.
  • Organize fundraising and recruiting events for sustenance and growth of COWE so we can reach out to more and more women

SEED Members of Young COWE:

The team of young entrepreneurs who have of toiled from Day 1 of the formation of Young COWE

  • Veena Reddy Endula – Founder / Chairperson
  • Divya Reddy Prodduturi
  • Jyotsna Kotha
  • Swetha Gargey
  • Vijetha Reddy
  • Rishika Goti


Phone – 040 66136495
Email – youngcowe@co-we.com | youngCOWE@gmail.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/youngCOWE

Young COWE team has been working with colleges across Andhra Pradesh to reach out to the girl students and instill a confidence that will allow them to start their own enterprise no matter what age / social background they are from.

The following activities are planned for students to be included in their curriculum during the academic year to prepare the students for entrepreneurship. Some of the events are planned in collaboration with individual colleges and some events are planned at an outside premises open for all colleges.

1. Seminars and talks on Entrepreneurship in the college premises and external locations

2. Entrepreneurship Workshops

3. Factory Visits

4. Inter college competitions

5. Job & Internship Fairs

6. Mentoring for developing business ideas

7. Start-up Readiness from A to Z

8. Access to Government Schemes & Subsidies

9. Participation in Volunteering Activities, Social awareness programs

10. Invitation to trade fairs and business exhibitions

11. Participation in cultural activities

12. Awards for budding entrepreneurs


For Young Entrepreneurs

Young COWE is a platform for young women to meet, collaborate, inspire & get inspired, develop skills and confidence to become socially responsible entrepreneurs.

You will have the opportunity to meet & network with women from various industries who are seeking to achieve excellence, improve their self and their businesses.

Take advantage of the myriad advantages of being a member of COWE including entrepreneurship development programs, trainings and seminars, trade carnivals, exhibitions and fairs locally and

How can you contribute to Young COWE?

1. Participate / contribute in activities planned for colleges

2. Mentor students in your free time

3. Participate / organize professional and cultural events for members of COWE

4. Connect students with potential internships, externships and business opportunities

5. Network with each other

For College Students

Young COWE team has been working with colleges across Andhra Pradesh to reach out to the girl students and instill a confidence that will allow them to start their own enterprise no matter what age / social background.

We have been noticing that a majority of Indian women are hesitant to start a business completely on their own. Some of the existing entrepreneurs we came across are either second generation entrepreneurs or merely hold namesake positions in their family businesses. What is the problem here?

Women face the hurdle of lacking financial backing in terms of property or income. Money that is set aside for the girl child by her parents goes right into her husband's possession in time of marriage as dowry – leaving her dependent for investments. If the girl's parents are not from a business background, it becomes even more difficult as the family and societal pressure to take up a full-time job mounts on the already financially distressed woman.

Professional colleges are focused on preparing students for a job and are hugely successful in doing so thanks to the burgeoning services sector in many of the Indian metropolises. It seems to be playing as per scheme for a few years until the DROP rate for women substantially increases. The retention rate of women in 9-5 jobs is very low as women at this stage of their life are looking for a career with flexibility. There is a huge gap in the available talent and opportunity which we believe awareness on entrepreneurship can solve.

To counter all these problems that women face we have started the Young COWE initiative in professional colleges to help girl students understand that starting a business is within their reach more
so than they think. We have designed the program to encourage women all the way from inspirational talks from successful women entrepreneurs to getting them Start-up ready by providing nformation, resources and assistance about their industry of interest, acquiring

We at COWE believe that it is never too early or too late to take on entrepreneurship. We encourage students and retired professionals alike to take on the challenge of starting your own business as the
feeling of being your own boss is priceless.