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FTAPCCI Excellence Awards

Event Date: (2015-11-14)
FTAPCCI’S EXCELLENCE AWARDS PRESENTATION 14TH NOVEMBER, 2015 AT FEDERATION HOUSE, HYDERABAD Chief Guest : Sri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Hon’ble Union Minister for Urban Development, Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation and Parliamentary Affairs, Govt. of India In this connection, we would like to inform you that FTAPCCI is bringing out a very special coffee table book for the day of the Awards Function giving write up on the Award Winners focusing on their outstanding achievement, future plan and inspiring message to the Society. It provides readers with a look into the achievements of winners and is the ideal way of honoring and recognizing the hard work achieved by them. This book would be a permanent treasure of outstanding achievement for references by the industry, commerce and trade. You all are aware, such books are being sought by everybody in the society and it provides great mileage to the recipients as well as the advertisers. We therefore suggest you to take benefit of advertizing in the proposed Book and send their confirmation for Logo Support amounting to Rs. 50,000/- at the earliest.

Seminar on Emerging Opportunities in Food Technologies

Event Date: (2015-12-01)

COWE INDIA in association with Government of Telangana had organized a “Seminar on Emerging Opportunities in Food Technologies” at 11.00 am at Hotel Marigold, Begumpet, Hyderabad

The Seminar was inaugurated by Dr. Karuppan Chetty, COO of International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Dr.G. Venkateswaran of Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) and Mr K. N. L. Murthy, Asst Director of MSME along with Smt. P.Girija, President, Smt. Geeta Goti, Vice President and Smt.Rama Devi Secretary presided over the event.

Smt .P. Girija, President addressed the gathering and spoke about the well-known fact that the agriculture sector in India contributes a fourth of the country’s GDP and provides employment to approximately two third of the population. The food processing industry currently accounts for only 32% of the total food market in the country today. The country’s domestic food market estimated to reach US$ 258 billion in 2015. This is expected to double in the next 5 years. Food processing has an important role to play in linking Indian agriculture to consumers in the domestic and international markets. Currently the level of processing of perishables is only 6% leading to a lot of wastage and spoilage. The Government of India has recognized Food processing as a priority sector. It has announced that 42 mega food parks will be set up with an allocated investment of 98 Billion. Further an allocation of Rs 2,000 crore (US$ 319.98 million) as a separate National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) fund for food processing industries during the Union Budget 2014–15 is all set to give a big boost to this sector in India.

Smt. Geeta Goti, shared the design of the Seminar giving importance to the latest trends in research and development on food processing and agri business followed by the success stories of women entrepreneurs who made a start in cultivating and marketing Organic food. Importance of certifications and governmental schemes promoting the certifications were also included. One of the biggest areas of growth both domestically and for export opportunities is Organic farm goods. Health consciousness among people has triggered a trend for organic, pesticide free and healthy foods. This area is still a nascent stage in India, and is expected to grow at an average of 20% in the next five years. Following are the sessions of the seminar SESSION ONE Developments in Agri Business & Food Technologies presented by representatives from Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Ari d Tropics (ICRISAT). The Objectives is to foster the innovation through creation, development of agri-businesses to benefit the farming community. To facilitate agro-technology commercialization by promoting and supporting agribusiness ventures.

Dr. Karuppan Chetty, COO of ICRISAT spoke about Agri Business Incubation (ABI) Services. And added that ABI is ICRISAT’s unique model of incubation in agri-business. ABI-ICRISAT is an innovative institutional mechanism to facilitate technology commercialization and reach out to farmers through agri-business ventures. Dr. Karuppan added that ABI-ICRISAT was established with support from the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, in the year 2003. ABI-ICRISAT promotes technology commercialization through public-private partnership under the Agri-Science Park at ICRISAT. It provides opportunity for entrepreneurs to incubate agricultural technologies so that they become effective agri-business ventures. ABI-ICRISAT also provides a range of services that include agricultural technologies, business consultancy, facilitation of funding, and provision of infrastructure and facilities at ICRISAT, Patancheru. Entrepreneurs also get the opportunity to tap the expertise of ICRISAT’s scientists. ABI-ICRISAT is a pioneering initiative for Agri-Business Incubation in India that maximizes the success quotient of start-up enterprises by offering them best opportunities with minimum risk he said and added that its mission is “Improving the well-being of the poor through the creation of competitive agri-business enterprises by technology development and commercialization”

SESSION TWO: Government support for Certifications in Bar Coding, ISO certification by MSME.

Mr.K.N.L Murthy has covered the topic on certification and information on how to avail the Schemes. SESSION THREE: Padamaja Naidu, Managing Director of Terra Greens Organic spoke about the Importance and Understanding on Organic farming including farm to market strategies and cultivation of organic farming with bio-pesticides Dr.Sudha Reddy, Managing Director of Organic Certification Agency (VOCA) has briefed about the organic certification standards for a group of 500 farmers, and individual farmers and to promote successful agribusiness ventures in order to benefit the famers through new markets, products and services through organic certification.

Smt. Shylaja, Asst. Director Dept of Agriculture Govt of Telangana also shared about government schemes in promoting organic farming and its benefits. She also gave example of Millet revolution that is happening in some parts of the country.

SESSION FOUR: Uma Maheshwari spoke about the Chemical Free Farming taken up by the NGO Ärt of Living foundation. She emphasized on the kitchen gardening and preparation of bio insecticides. Participants formed Small groups to discuss on the projects that are feasible to take up by them. Resource persons shared their unstinted support to encourage the interest seen among the participants. Food technologies related equipment was also exhibited by the manufacturing units. The Seminar has highlighted the new Food technologies in food sector & principles of operation and design of industrial equipment, used in the processing, storage and packaging of foods that play an important role in the processed foods of the future. This seminar also covered the sensory, quality, safety, nutrition, health, economic and novelty demanded of food products by consumers. It was emphasized as a necessity to design and engineer food process operations to enhance product’s quality, safety, yield, and profitability to compete at international market.

The Seminar concluded with vote of thanks and National Anthem.


Event Date: (2015-12-30)



MSME – Development Institute, Hyderabad in association with CONFEDERATION OF WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS – INDIA, Hyderabad and Telangana and Andhra Composites manufacturers Association Hyderabad is organizing

Two day Awareness programme on “Intellectual Property Rights” (IPR) at COWE Hall, Begum pet, Hyderabad on 30th and 31st December 2015 for the benefit of existing and prospective entrepreneurs of different fields of MSME’s.

The Inaugural function held on 30-12-2015 at COWE Hall, Begum pet, Hyderabad in which Sri. D. Chandra Shekhar, Director, MSME Development Institute, (Govt. of India), Hyderabad has attended as Chief Guest and explained about several MSME Schemes which are important for the development of existing MSME’s and briefed about Intellectual Property Rights-An over view like ; Patents, Trade marks & Copy rights; IP Enforcement and Geographic Indication etc and suggested to derive the benefits by attending the two days programme on IPR and Smt. P Girija Reddy, President, COWE, Hyderabad, during her address to gathering, she explained about special benefits, competitiveness and importance of IPR and conveyed thanks to MSME DI Hyderabad for organizing very useful programme of two days IPR.

And Sri Dr. K. Narayana Reddy, President , TAACMA, Hyderabad, during his speech in the inaugural session of the IPR Programme, he has enlightened the advantage having knowledge in the IPR field and advised the entrepreneurs to avail the benefits out of this programme.

The inaugural session was concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Smt. Geeta Goti, Vice-President, COWE, Hyderabad about 65 prospective / existing entrepreneurs were participated in the programme. * * *

ABHIJITHA – Women’s Day Program

Event Date: (2015-03-05)
Initiation of the program: Abhijitha – Women’s Cell of Aurora’s PG College Moosarambagh came out with a proposal of conducting International Women’s Day on 10th March. Theme of the Program: Morning Session: Several competitions were planned for all the students and women faculty members of Aurora Group of Colleges. Ten competitions (see Table) were identified to be conducted. Afternoon Session: Eminent women speakers from various areas were identified to grace the dais and give valuable and inspirational messages for students. As the cell is women empowerment and protection cell, it was decided to invite women from major pathways of empowerment namely – Education, Employment, social service and Entrepreneurship. People identified and invited were 1. Dr. T. Sudha, Director, Delhi Public School as Chief Guest 2. Ms. D. Soudhamini, Director, COWE (Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs) 3. Ms. Sabah, Director, Help Hyderabad (NGO) 4. Ms. D. Aruna, Proprietor- Ananya Green Tech Objective of the program: The main objectives of the program are two. One is to give opportunity for women students and faculty members to participate and competitions and win prizes. Second objective is to give them an opportunity to listen to eminent speakers and their messages. Competitions were conducted with the help of following coordinators. Competitions (from 10.00am): 1. Guess the ingredient ------------ Ms. Jyotsna 2. Flower Decoration _______ Ms. Ratna 3. Guess the price (Tol mol ke bol) ----- Ms. E. Vijaya 4. Best out of waste ----- Ms. G. Deepika 5. Best tip ----- Dr. Uma Devi 6. Culture Depiction ------ Ms. Renubala 7. Look Stylish ------ Ms. Neetu Sachdeva 8. Poster Presentation ------- Dr. sultana Begum 9. Collage- Theme- Brave Women ____ Ms. Gowri Deshpande 10. PPT- Women related issues ____ Ms. G. Priyanka Description of the competitions: 1. Guess the ingredient: The Contestants must be able to identify and name the correct ingredient without touching and smelling the item. 2. Flower Decoration: Contestants must bring their own material and arrange the flowers in given time. Team event. Team consists of two people. 3. Guess the price (Tol mol ke bol): Contestants must guess the exact price of the product shown within the given time. Whoever tells the price nearest to the exact price will be winners. 4. Best out of waste: Contestants must bring their own material, prepare the product and present it before the judges. 5. Best tip: Contestants must prepare a poster based on any tip related to beauty, health, cooking, home management, work management or time management and display it in the given room. 6. Culture Depiction: Participants must depict a specific culture of any state or religion and speak for 2 minutes about it. 7. Look stylish: Contestant should decorate herself as stylish as possible in given time. Accessories should be brought by participants only. 8. Poster Presentation: Women related themes 9. Collage- Theme- Brave Women: Collage should be prepared in one hour duration. Material should be brought by participants. 10. PPT- Women related issues: PPT on any women related themes. Maximum time limit is 7 minutes. Sl.No Name of the competition Description No. of Out of the packed groceries participant has to find out what is what 26 2 Guess the fabric From the given pieces of cloth participant should identify the type2 Guess the fabric From the given pieces of cloth participant should identify the type of fabric 9 3 Guess the price Participant must identify the price of the product 13 4 PPT Power point on women related topic 2 5 Vegetable carving People must cut the vegetables in a theme 3 6 Good Tip Beauty, health and management related tips in the form of poster 7 7 Best out of waste Using waste people should prepare a product Nil 8 Look Stylish Participant must tylize themselves Nil 9 Collage – Brave women Collage competition Nil 10 Culture Depiction Participant should come out in a culture Nil 11 Poster presentation Participant should come out with a poster on any woman related issue 2 Afternoon Program: All the invited guests visited college by 3.00pm. Program was initiated with lighting of the lamp, prayer songs. Cell report was presented by Ms. T.V. Janaki. Chief guest Dr. T. Sudha addressed audience and gave her valuable message about the relationship between education and empowerment. Ms. D. Soudhamini, Guest of honor for the program mentioned the vision of mission of COWE, activities of COWE. She detailed about their efforts in promoting women entrepreneurship and COWE’s helping hand in promoting women entrepreneurship. Ms. D. Aruna enlightened students about the existing inequalities in the wage structure and their relation with gender related issues. MsMs. Sabah gave her message to students that women get empowered only by learning and practicing. The speeches were followed by prize distribution, felicitation of the guests and ended with cultural program by students. Feedback from the students: Students felt happy for the competitions held and participated with interest. 7 Health Camp by Women Empowerment Cell According to the guidelines given by Supreme Court in the year 1997, it is mandatory for every organization to have women empowerment and protection cell. One of the activities the cell supposed to conduct is ‘health camps’ for women students and employees in the organization. Event in the College: In the above lines Abhijitha – Women’s Cell of the college came out with a proposal of conducting health camp in the monthly meeting conducted. It was noted as a resolution of the meeting in the month of February. However, it could not be conducted in that month and was conducted on 3rd March. Dr. Laxmi, Gynecologist – Asst. Professor, Department Gynecology, Gandhi Medical College visited college on 3rd March at 11.30Am. She was here till 1.45pm and checked health status of women employees and girl students of the college. Nearly Fifty people registered for consultation. But only 35 people could avail the service due to lack of time. Opinion of Doctor:According to opinion of Ms. Laxmi, most of the girl students brought the complain of loss of hair, pimples and weakness. Many people, according to her, are suffering from lack of calcium. She also advised few scans for others for various problems and facilitated them to approach her with the scan. Doctor was felicitated with a memento. Cell member have requested to give continuous support for the college as and when required and obtained her acceptance.


Event Date: (2015-02-25)
CueLearn offers its learning programs through small home-based micro-centres in after-school mode. COWE promoted this platform amongst the economically weaker section women to start their own earning system. [COWE Uttarakhand]