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International Women’s Day – 8th March 2010

Event Date: (2010-03-08)

COWE celebrated International Women’s Day along with Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry(FAPCCI) at Surana Auditorium. Mr. Harishchandra Prasad, President FAPCCI, Mrs. Renu Chellu, MD,SBH, and other dignitaries added worth to the function. A well attended function brought COWE members and members of FAPCCI onto a common platform. Three of COWE members have been felicitated at the venue by COWE’s Award of recognition and Certificate of Appreciation.

Shashikala, who has, despite circumstantial pressures, has successfully become an entrepreneur in the rural segment. She has inspired a lot of people to produce natural manure and pesticides, she has educated many a farmer on the new technologies, and she has also been awarded by the Government of Andhra Pradesh when the Late Chief Minister Dr.Y.S.Rajasekara Reddy felicitated her for her contribution to the rural sector. Shashikala is a person who strives to blend the rural with urban advantages.

A.Lalitha, who has been an inspiration to many by her transition from an EDP member to an active Executive Member of COWE was recognized for her achieving a six crore turnover in a matter of two to three years. She is known for her simplicity and the quality of printing.

Mona Ranadev, one of our first EDP members, who has taken her work as a passion and has participated in the ISB workshops and has made a niche for herself and her store that she recently opened. She is energy personified and passes on enthusiasm across the vicinity.

COWE screened an inspirational film “Panchi Banu Udthi Phiroon” a Hindi adaptation of the Chinese Film titled “The Invisible Wings” in English. COWE felicitated the producer of the Hindi and Telugu version of the film, Mrs.Sudha Rani Chava, who left no stone unturned to bring this film to India. The film is being shown in various schools and colleges and other venues to propagate the concept of extending oneself to achieve despite the oddities in life

. COWE felicitated her on this occasion.