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Rwanda high commission interacting with members with their products




Launch took place on March 8th International Women’s day at Hotel Capitol, Raj Bhavan Road, Bangalore-560001. The event started with Invocation by Ms. Susheela From Cowe Hyderabad. The chief guest of the evening was Shri. Mohan Das Pai (Chairman – Manipal Global Education) and Hon. Consul for Rwanda Shri Mohan Suresh. The dignitaries on the dais were Mr. J. Crasta Ex President – FKCCI, Smt. Leela Devi R. Prasad Former Minister Govt of Karnataka, Mr. Dayanand Reddy MLC Government of Karnataka, Smt. Revathy Ashok COO- B-PAC Bangalore, Smt. Sucharita Eashwar – We Connect International, Shri B.L. Prakasha General Manager NSIC, Smt. Soudhamini President COWE, Smt. Rupa Rani Founder Chairperson – COWE – Karnataka Chapter.

The dignitaries lighted the lamp and followed by speech of Introduction of COWE by Smt. Soudhamini – President COWE. The anchor for the evening was headed by Ms. Geetha Goti and Ms. Nirupama Sudhakar and they took the audience with precision as a professional speakers introductions. As a initiative to promote chapters Smt. Soudhamini presented a cheque of amount Rs. 25000/- to the Founder Chairperson of COWE – Karnataka chapter Smt. Rupa Rani, amidst the august presence of Dignitaries and Invitees for the event.
SPEECH OF Shri. Mohan Das Pai T.V. Chairman Manipal Global Education. He spoke of women entrepreneurship has to develop in our country means women has to strongly for a women entrepreneurs lobby. In China in 1949 itself at those days had given equal rights to women in all fields which helped china development. Most of the companies in China women work force is mare than the male. In India rather than focusing on castes, gender problems, equality etc., instead should focus on developing a lobby for women to fight for their rights. China’s growth of 9.9% for over thirty years is a record in th world, it happened due to importance given to women entrepreneurs
SPEECH OF Shri Dayanand Reddy MLC Government of Karnataka. Women is a kind of a back office networking as we all know we get support from the family first in all our endeavors of our venturing into entrepreneurships. In MSME sector the seed capital for most of the start ups are from the women who liberally give away their precious jewels to mortgage and start up the enterprise that is born. Women should have will power, self confidence to achieve women empowerment and serve the society. Give equality to women instead of reservations to women as they are also equal to men in all fields of entrepreneurships. 90% of MSME work to start a enterprises and end up being a liability to the banks, so have to be careful in your planning about successful entrepreneurships. Women with brand and brains are the need of the hour and can survive in this globalization world of entrepreneurship. A standing example in our country is Dr. Kiran Mazumdar with her hard work, struggle and brains has come to become a billionaire and I wish all women’s to try hard to achieve in your businesses.If only women unite to do and achieve together we are here to help you build your own empires. Women have to focus on agro based industries and would support in giving any ideas, inputs for the cowe Karnataka chapter members.
SPEECH OF Shri. J. Crasta. Past President FKCCI, KASSIA, PIA. The International womens day startd in 1911 and from 1975 people all over the world started celebration it. Women indeed manages businesses better than men, whether running a house, runs a family, runs a office, runs a enterprise. In men dominating world I need you women to take and work for 50% reservation and it’s your right. I am thrilled to see the presence of so many women who want to be a entrepreneur and believe that the age of women is now here. Many schemes for women are there for entrepreneurs whom dream big and all organizations shall help you to achieve your dreams.
SPEECH OF Smt. Leela Devi R. Prasad. Former Minister (Government of Karnataka). Every women has to fight for their right and enter in all fields to achieve women empowerment. Instead of complaining about men’s women should build their confidence level and face the world to achieve. The cream of women is here with the launch of COWE- KARNATAKA CHAPTER. Is house wife not a entrepreneur? Is it that she works without any encumbrance. Women are powerful with their intent of dedication, sacrifice and growth of the company with her will power. Unless we have economic power whether small or big is important along with will power. Inspired by her talks women take courage as they are Home minister @ home running the daily routines without any glitch, Education Minister @ home teaching the children’s the facts of life, Finance minister @home running the finances within the purview of the budgets. Why not with all this qualities a women can run an enterprises more efficiently than men. The moment of the day is to build women enterprises society and all women folk join together and share their views to console each other and bring about a change in the society towards betterment of women.
SPEECH OF Shri. Mohan Suresh. Hon.Consul of Rwanda in Bangalore. He spoke of women’s in RWANDA in parliament has 55% women members, Rwanda is a women’s country, since they give importance to women’s. Now the women’s if Rwanda are fighting for 60% equality where as in India even though population is 49% consisting of women but still only not even 30% are there. We need to focus and take forward in strengthening women entrepreneurship for a healthy development of our countries growth in economy. He also invited COWE to come to Rwanda as your first international destination overseas and will provide incentives for the trip. Also can use their offices of FISME for any help and suggestions.
SPEECH OF Shri M. L. Prakasha DGM – NSIC Bangalore. The support of NSIC is here assured that you only get us your project profile, project reports, selct project, product analysis to my notice and I shall see that you get loan for seed capital, working capital from 32 banks that are registered with us. We have more than 100 projects , take courage and come to us we shall change your dreams into reality and prosper with NSIC schemes.
SPEECH OF Smt. Revathy Ashok. COO – B-PAC Women to come out in a common platform to over come her realities and turn her dreams for a successful venture in entrepreneurships. With focus on grit determination, patience, financial risk, properly trained will make entrepreneurship journey successful.Plan a road map 2020 to make women participate over whelming in their endeavour to become entrepreneurs. Bangalore being the hub of entrepreneurship activities also the silicon city of India, women venturing into business is successful. There are sven women who are heading leading banks in India like SBI, AXIS, HDFC, ICICI, and it is a record in the financial sector of the world. Women should learn and the courage to ask, to use modern technologies of sales and marketing their products through net online platforms. Cowe can set up mentoring programmes in finance, sales and marketing, networking and I am there to train your members. In India institutions in the country have supported women to overcome the strength, character, courage and nothing can stop you in bringing success to your enterprises as an entrepreneur.
SPEECH OF Smt.Sucharita Eashwar. We Connect International The women of India are very powerful self contained and ready for any demands of the Industry. The four basics for the essence of successful entrepreneurship is Place Raw material cost, Managing cost effectively marketing. We shall swim with the current and not against the current